Sunday, December 17, 2017
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2017 is CVOA 's 17th Anniversary!
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CVOA Facebook Page

CVOA Facebook Page

The CVOA Facebook page appears to be well liked by those who visit it. I’ve been monitoring activity for the past few months. Monthly, the page reaches several hundred people who have previously “liked” it, and several dozen people go to the page and view it. The page has 384 “Followers” and this number has grown slightly most every month.
CVOA wants this page to best serve its members’ needs and continues to seek input on the content and usage of its Facebook Page. Please send comments regarding why you viewed the CVOA Facebook Page and what information you found interesting or useful. If you do not visit our FB Page please tell us why. Thanks for your input which will help us make the CVOA Facebook Page more valuable to members and the public.
~ Steve Smith, Facebook Manager or send him a message via Facebook.

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