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CVOA to dedicate its new Five Stand Sporting Clay System on Sunday, October 8

CVOA to dedicate its new Five Stand Sporting Clay System on Sunday, October 8

kick off its new $70,000, five stand sporting clays operation at the CVOA range on Sunday, October 8. The new system, in the planning and construction phases for over a year now, will bring a whole new level of shotgun shooting, and some say a level of difficulty, to area gunners.
The operation utilizes six computerized clay throwers to simulate different bird and animal flights, such as upland birds and ducks and rabbits.  Five shooters take positions spaced out along a 72 x 10-foot building, taking turns at clays thrown from six different positions, including one from a tower mounted on top of the building to simulate a bird in flight from behind the shooter. The building includes an operator’s and scorer’s bench where the various shooting combinations are programmed, and permits shooting in inclement weather conditions.
The five stand building was designed and built principally by CVOAmembers, including Peter Weston of Scarborough who designed it and donated most of the lumber for it; Harvey Packard of Eustis who built it; Neal Trask, chairman of the CVOA Range, who managed the entire project; and 30 or more volunteers who helped in the construction at various stages.
The new building is reportedly the only one in the northeast that meets all the standards for five stand shooting. It joins a long-standing trap system and rifle, pistol and archery ranges at the 16-year-old range.  The need for a safe place to shoot was among the priorities when CVOA was formed in 1999.
Funding for the project included grants from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife and the Town of Carrabassett Valley, with in-kind donations of materials and labor from CVOA members making up the difference.
Open to the public, the open house for the new five stand project will run from noon to 3 p.m. the Sunday of Homecoming Weekend with an official dedication ceremony scheduled for 12:30 p.m.  A five stand demonstration shoot will take place at 1:30 p.m.
Shown are three of six electronically-controlled clay throwers (black covers protect them from weather) positioned in front of the new Carrabassett Valley Outdoor Association’s five-stand sporting clays building. One of the throwers is located in the tower on top of the building to simulate game bird flights from behind the shooter.  The $70,000 project includes five shooting positions, a station for the computerized operator and scorer, storage and spectator space and can be operated in inclement weather.  The new system will be officially dedicated starting at noon Sunday Oct. 8 as part of CVOA‘s Homecoming Weekend activities.
~ John McCatherin, founding member of CVOA

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