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CVOA Volunteers Go Trout Fishing

Two years ago CVOA entered into a joint project with the Town of Carrabassett Valley to establish a resident population of Maine Brook Trout in the pond located at the Outdoor Center. CVOA provides about 50% of the funds for the Brook Trout stockings each year. The objective of this project is to provide local residents, both adult and children, with a safe, quality trout fishing experience.

The Outdoor Center Pond is Fly Fishing Only at this time, barbless hooks and fishers are requested to practice catch and release for all Trout caught. These measures are in place to hasten the establishment of a permanent year round population of Brook Trout. Fishers are also encouraged to record their fishing activity on survey cards located at the landing and leave the cards in the wooden box. This information is vital to making effective long term decisions on the viability of the Outdoor Center Pond to support a healthy population of Brook Trout. While some fishers have filled out the survey forms we need more detailed information over the course of this fishing season to make informed decisions regarding future stockings and the health of the resident fish population.

Responding to fishers concerns regarding poor canoe and kayak access to the Outdoor Center Pond, the Town of Carrabassett has constructed a first class dock at the lower end of the pond. The new dock provides a much quicker and safer put in for visitors, both fishers and non-fishers alike.

So where does CVOA fit in this project today?

With input from Mr. Sonny Pierce, retired Fisheries Biologist for the State of Maine, 550 new Brook Trout have been recently stocked in the Outdoor Center Pond. Mr. Pierce judged the ponds’ water conditions and early catch/release survey information sufficient to go ahead with a new stocking.

The success of this project will depend, in large part, on the consistent inflow of information from the survey cards submitted by fishers utilizing the pond. The objective is to provide the town and Mr. Pierce with numbers of Trout caught/Trout size/time of day fished and growth rates throughout the season.

To this end, I am looking for 8 to 10 CVOA volunteer fly fishers to visit the Outdoor Center Pond once every 7 to 10 days for a couple of hours of what we hope is a successful trout fishing outing. If you can combine your day with a child or teenagers, so much the better. On the survey card there is a box to identify yourself as a member of CVOA.

Please message me at just to let me know you are on board. If you cannot get to the pond on a regular basis, that’s alright, just go when you can. I will be providing survey information to those CVOA Members participating in what should be a fun and rewarding experience.

Tight lines,
Joe Loughran
FFF Certified Fly Casting Instructor

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